CP6600 Panel PC with ARM Cortex™-A8

CP6600 | Panel PC with ARM Cortex™-A8

10.1-inch “Economy” built-in Panel PC

With its highly integrated 3½-inch motherboard, the CP6600 built-in Panel PC is ideally suited for use in machine construction and plant engineering, for example with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows Embedded Compact 7 or as a CP-Link 3 client or Ethernet Control Panel.

The CP6600 is conceived for installation in the front of a control cabinet and has a 10.1-inch touch screen display. Equipped with a fanless ARM Cortex™-A8 processor and a microSD card the CP6600 contains no rotary components. The CP6600 is supplied with a 24 V power supply unit. The microSD card and the lithium battery of the system clock are accessible from the rear in the connector bracket.

The optional C9900-G07x push-button extensions supplement the built-in Panel PCs with an emergency stop key and three push-button keys with signal lamp.

CP6600 Panel PC with ARM Cortex™-A8 | optional C9900-G07x push-button extension

optional C9900-G07x push-button extension

Variants Processor available
CP6600-0001-0020 ARM Cortex™-A8, 1 GHz (TC3: 30) yes

*The TwinCAT 3 performance class defines the exact ordering number for the respective TwinCAT 3 product. Please see here for an overview of the TC3 performance classes.

Ordering information with single-touch screen
Display only
10.1-inch display 1024 x 600 CP6600-0001-0020