System overview SERCOS

System overview


SERCOS was originally developed as a fast fibre optic bus system for drives. Thanks to the Beckhoff SERCOS Bus Coupler, the advantages such as high data rate and short cycle times can now be provided for the I/O peripherals too.

Ordering information  
Embedded PC
CX1500-M750 SERCOS master fieldbus connection for CX1010/CX1020/CX1030 Embedded PCs
Bus Coupler
BK7500 SERCOS interface Bus Coupler for up to 64 Bus Terminals
BK7520 SERCOS interface “Economy plus” Bus Coupler for up to 64 Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension)
Infrastructure Components
FC7501 | FC7502 SERCOS PCI fieldbus cards
FC7551 SERCOS Mini PCI fieldbus card