AM31xx Synchronous Servomotors

AM31xx | Synchronous Servomotors

Motor series for the EL7201 servo terminal

Beckhoff extends its range of motors with the AM3100 series. These pole-wound servomotors with maximum torque yield are designed for operation with the Beckhoff EL7201 servo terminal. The series covers three types with rated outputs of 50 W (rated voltage 24 V DC) as well as 90 W and 130 W (rated voltage 48 V DC).

In the standard version, the AM3100 servomotors are equipped with a resolver and a smooth shaft. They can be optionally equipped with a holding brake, even in the smallest size. Planetary gears and ready-made connecting cables are available as accessories.

The high dynamics of the AM3100 servomotors open up a multitude of possible applications: for example, in industrial robots for pick-and-place applications or in general mechanical engineering, where a compact design and high positioning accuracy are necessary.

The Beckhoff TwinCAT automation software enables the convenient parameterisation of the servomotors.



Technical data AM31xx
Motor type permanent magnet-excited three-phase synchronous motor
Magnet material neodymium-iron-boron
Insulation class thermal class F (155 °C)
Design form flange-mounted according to IM B5, IM V1, IM V3
Protection class IP 54
Cooling convection, permissible ambient temperature 40 °C
Coating/surface matt black coating RAL 9005
Connection method straight connectors at 30 cm cable ends
Life span L10h = 20,000 hrs for ball bearings
Approvals CE
Feedback system resolver
Options AM31xx
Feather key groove according to DIN 6885 P1
Holding brake backlash-free permanent magnet single-surface brake, suitable only as holding brake
AG2250 Planetary gear units for compact Drive Technology
ZK47x4-04xx, ZK4000-xxxx Supply cables for Compact Drive Technology